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of craft beer.

Discovering the next great craft beer experience. That's what we're all about and it's the reason we founded World of Beer (WOB). ​

While it was our passion for fine craft beer that inspired us to start WOB, we soon realized our customers also had a strong appetite for craft food and spirits. That's why our beer selection is complemented by some of the best food and spirits available. Discover how the taste of food is enhanced when paired with the right beer, or even when beer is used as a key ingredient in one of our secret recipes. Indulge in a perfectly crafted cocktail that infuses beer to create an all-new, delicious flavor profile.

Today, a visit to World of Beer Bar + Kitchen is a journey. You'll find a gathering of seasoned beer lovers and newbies alike taking part in the delightful discovery of over 350 of the World's most eclectic beers. Around here, the people are passionate, knowledgeable and eager to help you find a tasty libation and the perfect food pairing to go with it.

Exterior of a World of Beer location.
German Pretzel and Beer

What Our Customers

have to say.

"My husband and I have been to WOB a few times now and we love the food as much as the beer. We always order the German Pretzel.”

-Bethany Wilson

Food is Better

With Beer

We have introduced a menu that includes appetizers, flatbreads, bowls, sandwiches, and main plates. Many of our recipes use beer as a key ingredient either in the dish itself or a secret sauce served alongside. Each dish is carefully paired with the perfect beer style to give our customers the full craft experience.

Craft Spirits, Cocktails

Cider & Wine

WOB is partnering with local distilleries to supply our selection of Craft Spirits, as well as top-shelf favorites available for customers to choose from. Along with the inclusion of Craft Spirits, we have a menu of signature Craft Cocktails made with only the freshest ingredients. We also offer ciders as well as a select wine list at all locations, giving our customers a variety of beverage options.

Somewhere in the world,

every beer is local.

For the past 10 years, we’ve had the pleasure of serving over 26 million pours to beer drinkers across the Country! Our line-up over these years has brought over 36,000 beers through our doors from over 80 countries.

Our customer

Our culture fosters a unique environment where both the craft aficionado and the beginner can enjoy the beer experience, with something new to discover each time they visit.

Men & Women: Ages 25-44
Higher Income: 75K HH Income
Educated: College and Up


A Craft Explosion

Number of Barrels Sold:
Craft Brewers sold 25.6 million barrels of beer in 2018
Industry Growth:
The craft Brewing Industry grew 3.9% by volume and 7% by dollars in 2018

Sales Share:
Craft Brewing sales share grew to 13.2% by volume and 24.2% by dollars in 2018

Large glass of beer.


Our leadership and support management team are loaded with franchise and restaurant professionals that are always available. A franchise system should be all about success for you and your investment, and we believe that starts with a support team for every aspect of your business.





Man and woman enjoying a drink.

What Our Customers

have to say.

"It's great to have a nice, clean, non-smoking place like World of Beer in our neighborhood. We needed a place like this for young professionals like myself."

-Jeff Dyce


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  • Over 50 WOB locations across North America and Asia

  • Retail dollar sales of craft beer increased 8%, up to $26 billion, and now account for more than 23% of the $111.4 billion U.S. beer market

  • World of Beer year-to-date company sales up over 3%